The History

The beginning....


The Healing Art of Acupressure & Applied Yoga!

Thai massage or…Thai therapy

As we would like to refer it to in Ancient Thai Herbal Spa & Beauty because it is really not a massage per se but truly a profound and powerful healing art of acupressure combined with the stretching benefits of applied yoga. It is an ancient healing art that has existed some 2500 years ago in India and founded by a nobleman by the name of Jivaka Kumar Baccha (also known as Shivago Komarpaj) who was trained in Ayurveda medicine. Eventually, this ancient art found its way into Thailand where through times it evolves into the world famous and renowned…THAI MASSAGE.

Picture featured with permission from and Courtesy of Wat Po Thai Traditional Medicine School in Bangkok (Picture can be seen hang up inside the school)

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How did we begin...

Ancient Thai

“….for the love for all things Thai and a burning passion for the art of Thai massage!”

It all started on 29th December 2002…an encounter of the first kind!

A planned and positive meeting with the then Deputy Director General, Khun Pichai Ekpitakdamrong, from the Ministry of Labour of Thailand in Kuala Lumpur with one clear objective to present and promote Thai massage to Malaysia as a legal, holistic and back to its true original format…a form of traditional/complementary and alternative medicine (T/CM) (that was somehow got lost in this current and modern era primary due to gross misconception on its true nature of Thai massage by the society at large) .


From that, Ancient Thai was born in year 2003…the first ever Thai massage centre that was established in Malaysia from the successful collaboration with the Royal Thai Government.

Subsequently, Royal Thai was born to allow close friends to come together and share our resounding successes further by venturing into the business of Thai massage or therapy based on that effective T/CM model.

Ever since then, a smart lifelong and successful relationship with the Royal Thai Government is forever established in order to cooperate and collaborate on most matters in regards to promoting, demonstrating,

Illustrating, understanding and accrediting of Thai massages in Malaysia. Furthermore all our recruitments of Thai Therapists are now carried out non others than from their own Department of Employment in Thailand.

Recent events such as Asean Ladies’ Circle showcasing and talk conducted by us on Thai massage to all respective Mrs. Ambassadors and their delegations in the Royal Thai Embassy on 9th September 2014 and Thai massage demonstration event in Thailand Week 2014 fair held in Mid-Valley Mall on 12th & 13th September 2014 are two (2) examples out of so many functions that we have been successfully collaborated with the Royal Thai Embassy.