Thai massage or Thai therapy…

Thai massage or Thai therapy

“...is the healing art of acupressure and applied yoga.”

As our slogan clearly stated, two (2) distinct and profound, powerful and interactive healing techniques come into play that signified our own brand of Thai massage. Hence, we prefer to called it as Thai therapy…as it is truly therapeutic in every sense.

The acupressure technique is administered where acupressures are being applied up to the thresholds of pains either by thumbs, fingers, palms, forearms, elbows, knees or feet along the identifiable Sen (in Thai) or so called energy lines on one’s body in order to achieve their intended process of healings or effective relieves from specific ailments experienced by any recipient. Normally, the recipient would experience certain degree of fatigues from such pressings and as such, yoga technique, where one’s body will be stretched, bend, pulled and pushed, is being applied to balance that effect. Thai massage is considered as a form of deep tissue manipulative therapy.

Thai massage would generally start off with any recipient on supine position (lying on the back facing upward) as most of the Sen lines are concentrated on the frontal side of our bodies. It will be performed with the recipient fully dressed in our fresh loose T-shirt and pant attire (provided in-house) as no oil of any kind will be used throughout the whole process of Thai massage. As such, all our customers receiving Thai massages are not allowed and will not be in the state of undress.

The difference lies in the fact that oils are essentially used in massages such as Swedish, Malay or Balinese because the key concentration of such massages tend to focus on the manipulation of big muscle groups that are mostly found at the back of our bodies and if without such massage oils, it will be very difficult to do so. As oils are needed to be applied to reduce frictions at contact points between the thumbs and fingers of the therapist and the skins of the recipient, the latter need to be in the state of undress in order to receive the massage properly. This type of massages is considered as a form of soft tissue manipulative therapy.

The ability of Thai massage to heal many ailments and complicated dis-eases are unimaginable and we have been made known that the healing effects and benefits of Thai therapy are currently being researched by a top renowned Thai University in collaboration with top Thai Traditional Medicine school in Bangkok, Wat Po, as well as Thai Government.

The practicality of Thai massage (Nuad Thai) is already been benchmarked by the World Health Organization for training as a form of traditional/complementary and alternative medicine. A special note of thanks is extended therein to Dr. Pennapa Subcharoen, former Deputy Director-General of the Department for Development of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand for her contributions to that publication. Unfortunately, she passed away in April 2008, just four months after attending the WHO Consultation on Manual Therapies in Milan, Italy.

In turn, we take this opportunity to put a note of thanks to the late Dr. Pennapa Subcharoen for her utmost confidence in us and immense contribution, for without she extending the first four highly trained Level 2 (372 hours training) therapists as required by Malaysia Health Ministry to us, we would not have our first start-up.


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